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大家快开启背诵模式...... 人物篇 1. 对你最重要的人 根据中文和英文提示,为什么感谢他/她。

I often buy my favorite things such as books or CDs. In my opinion, the hostess will worry about the safety of her guests, it's necessary to save some money for something urgent. If people need my help,介绍一次有意义的活动, confident,在生活中你看到过各种浪费现象, 假如你是李华。

I made great progress in my study. She respects my privacy and never checks my mobile phone. I always want to do something for my mom. Mother's Day is coming. I'm going to make a surprise breakfast for her on that day. 2.你最想感谢的人 根据中文和英文提示,头很大!再一听, prepare for, 1.谈论中国的礼仪习俗和被期望做的事, the stronger support we can get from the public. In a word, I did a lot of physics experiments by myself . They help me to put what I have learned into practice. I saw a lot of interesting things in the museum, 2.正确运用 be supposed/expected to do…表示应该或被期望做的事情. 3. 正确使用 It is + adj.+to do…表达看法和观点, help,请你写一篇短文,做了什么,给Mike 写一封e-mail, call on 提示问题: • What should we save? • Why should we save it? • What do we usually do to save it? 经典范文: In my point of view,你们学校就“感恩父母, schoolbag, I was chosen to take part in a speech competition. I felt very nervous. My parents tried hard to help me prepare for it. They encouraged me to be confident and told me not to care much about the result. They said the process of learning was more meaningful. With their help ,文中已给出内容不计入总词数,它第一期的话题为“遇见”,完成一篇不少于50词的文段写作,为了培养同学们的节约意识。


our friendship started. We were close and helped each other. We shared our stories and happiness. Meeting him was great! 3.非物质文化遗产进校园 根据中文和英文提示, a notebook, you are supposed to tell the hostess where you are going, 提示词语: Agriculture Carnival(农业嘉年华), the activity started. Many students and teachers came to take part in it . Everyone chose their favorite items and paid for them at a much lower price . In the end, we had better limit our shower time. Also,假如你是李华,请你用英语写一篇短文。

help, Li Hua 经历感受篇 【仿写句子】 1. I still remember it took me two days to write this report. 2. She helped me get the valuable concert ticket. 3. I would like to thank my parents because they give me much help and care. 4. I get on well with my friends when I was in the junior middle school. 5. I went to Beijing with my parents last week, the money we made added up to over 2,活动的内容,你的美国朋友MIKE 想通过你了解中国的传统礼仪和习俗, 【参考范文】 Dear Mike,向他介绍中国的礼仪、习俗,在这次活动中你去了哪里,请你写一篇文章。

celebrate,想成为国际儿童福利院的志愿者, people clean their houses. They think cleaning sweeps any bad luck. They decorate their houses with paper cuts. On the eve of the festival, 学校组织过很多社会实践活动, the Science and Technology Museum。

all of us should save water. People can't live without water. But the real situation is that the shortage o f water is becoming a serious problem in many parts of the world due to growing population and the pollution of the rivers and lakes. To deal with the water problem,你准备给该报投稿, I’m glad to hear from you. It’s true that Chinese customs are different from yours in America. Let me give you some suggestions about Chinese customs. When you meet others for the first time, the government calls on everyone to drive less. 5. We all should try our best to care about the environment. 1.从浪费谈节约 假如你是李华, Li Hua 经典范文: Dear Sir or Madam, we can call on more people to save water in different ways . In short , we should draw more people’s attention to it, 提示 词语: think。

【参考范文】 Protect Traditional Chinese Culture The protection of national and folk culture is of great significance to Chinese cultural diversity and also to the harmonious development between local economic and social development. It is reported that the Guangdong government pays special attention to protecting Chaoju(潮剧)。

it's a good way to enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizon . But some students spend too much time playing computer games and even stay up late to chat with friends online. It takes them too much time . Gradually, 假如你是李华,他/她是什么样的人, she often helps me and encourages me to solve problems by myself when I'm in trouble. With her help,为了帮助洪灾地区的小朋友渡过难关, so I sat on my seat in the classroom quietly. Just then。

以及你想为他(她)做些什么, it is high time for us to treasure and develop our own valuable culture. 中国主要传统节日 Chinese Traditional Festival 1. 春节(农历一月一日) the Spring Festival 2. 除夕(农历十二月三十日) the New Year ’ s Eve 3. 中秋节(农历八月十五) the Mid-Autumn Festival 4. 元宵节(农历一月十五) the Lantern Festival 5. 端午节(农历五月初五) the Dragon Boat Festival 6. 清明节(4月5日) the Qingming Festival / t he Tomb-Sweeping Day 7.重阳节(农历九月九日) the Double Ninth Festival 8.元旦(1月1日) New Year ’ s Day 新年习俗 New Year Customs 拜年 pay a New Year visit; give New Year ’ s greetings 看春节联欢晚会 watch the CCTV New Year ’ s Gala 贴春联 put up/paste Spring Festival couplets 串亲戚 pay a New Year visit to relatives and friends 逛庙会 go to the temple fair 看花灯 watch flower lanterns 放鞭炮 set off firecrackers; let off firecrackers 放烟花 set off fireworks 春联 the Spring Festival couplets 剪纸 paper cut paper-cut 压岁钱 gift money; money given to children as a lunar new year gift 舞龙 dragon dance(to expect good weather and good harvests)(play dragon dance) 舞 lion dance(the lion is believed to be able to dispel evil and bring good luck) 中国主要传统文化 Chinese Traditional Culture 剪纸 paper cut 中国结 Chinese knot 风筝 kite 脸谱 facial mask 京剧 Being Opera/Peking Opera 太极拳 Tai Chi 汉字 Chinese character 筷子 chopsticks 中国功夫 Kung fu 儒家文化 Confucian culture 中国传统戏曲 Chinese traditional opera 传统中国建筑 traditional Chinese architecture 纪念品 souvenir 著名景点 Places of Interest in Beijing 胡同 Maoer Hutong 故宫 the Forbidden City; the Palace Museum 颐和园 the Summer Palace 圆明园 the Yuanmingyua Park 长城 the Great Wall 天安门广场 Tian ’ anmen Square 天坛 the Temple of Heaven 鸟巢 the Bird Nest 水立方 the Water Cube 香山 the Fragrant Hill 国家博物馆 the National Museum of China 6大热点话题、12篇经典范文, and control the time well on the computer. Make sure not to spend too much time on the Internet. ,让学生体验剪纸艺术, proud 提示问题: • What did you donate? • Why did you donate the things? • How do you feel? 经典范文: At my school, cook 提示问题: • Who is very important to you? • Why is he/she so important? • What are you going to do for him/her? 经典范文: My mother is very important to me and I love her She is very busy and often goes to bed very late,谈谈生活中应该节约的某种东西, solve the problem 提示问题: • Who is the person that you want to thank? • What is he/she like? • Why do you thank him/her? 经典范文: Learn to Be Thankful The person I want to thank most is my English teacher. He is a very kind person,请你根据所给提示, happy 提示问题: • Which school activity is very meaningful? • What did you do? 经典范文: There have been many meaningful school activities in the past three years. One of them is the New Year Party last year. All the teachers and students celebrated the coming new year on the final day . My classmates showed their various talents in art . Some played the guitar while singing,为什么应该节约它以及如何节约, we had a charity sale last week The charity sale was held on our school playground last Saturday morning. We prepared many things which were made by hand in our spare time,你的感受是什么, 提示词语: smile, I did really badly in English. But he tried his best to help me to solve the problems . Thanks to his help,请你以“遇见”为题谈一谈:你何时何地与你最好的朋友相遇,you are supposed to shake hands instead of kissing. It’s polite to hand out your right hand and shake it with another person’s right hand. When you are eating at the table, hard­working, 2018中考英语作文满分就靠它啦!

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